Equipment: Nerf Invades Terra Nova

The other night I was watching Terra Nova on Fox and I noticed something that I thought was strange; the security forces use Nerf Guns. I wasn’t sure if I saw correctly but I thought I noticed a Nerf Long Shot in the background. I did a bit of online research and yes in fact it was a Nerf Gun as are so many different guns on the show.
In doing this research I found that some people were upset that the production opted to use modified Nerf. Nerf has futuristic looking weapons so it is a great way for the production to save some money which can be used in other areas. I like the idea that they are using Nerf because instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a prop reproduction all I have to do is go to the local Target and pick up a Nerf gun and some spray paint and I have a Terra Nova prop.

Check out the pictures to see that Nerf has made it into the future…or is that the past?

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