Reach for the Stars: Contacting Geekstronomy


Mission Control:

Training Simulations:

Mailing Address:

Geekstronomy Office

218 East South Street #374

Wayne, Ohio 43466


2 Responses to Reach for the Stars: Contacting Geekstronomy

  1. Steve Polzak says:

    Well sorry to say I don’t know where you got your Captain Action info from,but it is all bull.I and many other know that no DC comic hero’s or villeins will be done. Even with the Action people getting the deal done the ok on what that were going to do. They said so them self on their site. I know a lot of people that are not happy. Most off I am sorry for the kids. You know unless a place has figures that are not moving well at all,you can not buy a 1/6th scale action figure with clothes under $30.00 And since the people that make Captain Action have messed up this way it is one of them.Sometimes I have seen him under $25.00. They had something and they dropped the ball.Oh what Marvel comics costumes they done are ok,mask make the head look to big but eh.And look this Lady Action is $130 to $140.00 This was not to be an adult hobby action figure. Don’t the girls need their hero’s at a price they can pay. This is sad.

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