Equipment: Marvel Legends Anti-Venom Figure is Ready for Pre-Order

Just in case you have no idea who Anti-Venom is here is the abridged version of his origin story: After exposure to the Anti-Venom Serum, Flash Thompson becomes the newest incarnation of the anti-hero. So there you are, the origin of Anti-Venom in a nutshell. Seriously though, Hasbro announced today the newest addition to their Marvel Legends line, Anti-Venom is up for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse. Continue reading

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Vids: Batman: Hush Coming to Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD™ a Week Earlier from Warner Home Entertainment

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has moved up its physical release date for Batman: Hush, the next entry in the popular series of DC Universe Movies. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC, the feature-length animated film will arrive one week earlier than originally announced, now coming to 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and the DC Universe streaming service on August 6, 2019. The film retains its Digital release date of July 20, 2019.

An adaptation of the seminal DC classic tale, Batman: Hush centers on a shadowy new villain known only as Hush, who uses Gotham’s Rogues Gallery to destroy Batman’s crime-fighting career, as well as Bruce Wayne’s personal life – which has already been complicated by a relationship with Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. Continue reading

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Equipment: Bluefin is Having a Father’s Day Sale that is Out of This World…In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Bluefin Star Wars Father’s Day Sale features special pricing on scores of highly detailed Star Wars Scale Character Model Kits and Vehicle Model kits from Bandai Spirits Hobby and a special Star Wars Meisho Movie Realization action figure “Father & Son” bundle from Tamashii Nations that features interstellar bounty hunter Boba Fett and his father, Jango Fett. Continue reading

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Equipment: Limited Edition Cobra Kai Pin from The Karate Kid a SDCC Exclusive

The Karate Kid is one of those movies that even if you haven’t seen it you can still throw out a quote. Who doesn’t know, “Wax on…Wax off?” The original Karate Kid premiered 35 years ago and recently interest has been renewed with the YouTube show, Cobra Kai. This update is a continuation of the events from the first Karate Kid and stars both Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprising their roles. Continue reading

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Vids: Lost in Space Season One Blu-ray Set Review

I am a child of the 1960’s. I grew up on Star Trek, Lost in Space and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. I was a Star Trek fan above all, but I did however have a soft spot for Lost in Space. Even as an adult I felt that the special effects (mostly in the black and white episodes) were top notch. Looking back I think that Lost in Space didn’t get the recognition it deserved. Star Trek has seen many successful spin-offs but every attempt to revive Lost in Space has failed. There was an attempt at a cinematic revival starring William Hurt, Mimi Rogers and Gary Oldman which did poorly at the box office making all hope of a franchise disappear. Then in 2004 there was an attempt to bring the show back to television called, The Robinsons: Lost in Space starring Mike Erwin, Jayne Brook and Adrianne Palicki. This one never made it past the pilot. Now Netflix has rebooted the franchise and it may just make it past 2 seasons. Continue reading

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Equipment: Daryl Wings Messenger Bag from The Coop the Dead Red Version

The Walking Dead is more than just a show about zombies (walkers), it is a show about surviving. Set against the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse the show is really about the interpersonal relationships of the survivors. When you boil it down to the basics it is just another soap opera. Who is sleeping with whom? Who is the baby’s real father? Who is secretly planning their comeback? So, when you think about it yes, The Walking Dead is a soap opera and you should never miss an episode. Continue reading

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Equipment: One: 12 Collective Gomez Street Edition from Mezco Toyz (Pre-Order Sold Out only Waitlist is Available)

Gomez, sole operating agent of The Void, comes outfitted in a striped shirt, removable army jacket that is customizable with an included set of cloth stickers, and jeans. He’s prepared to navigate any concrete jungle with his high-tech hoverboard, which magnetically attaches to his feet. Gomez is also equipped with a backpack with adjustable straps and hook-and-loop closure, and a removable windbreaker with functional zipper and drawstring hood. Continue reading

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Vids: Supergirl: The Complete Fourth Season Coming 9/17/19 to Blu-ray/DVD from Warner Home Video

Just in time for the fifth season premiere on The CW, catch up with one of TV’s favorite DC Super Heroes as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment brings you Supergirl: The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-ray and DVD on September 17, 2019. Fans can purchase the sets which, in addition to all 22 super-powered episodes from season four, also contain the DC Crossover featurette, the show’s 2018 Comic-Con panel, deleted scenes and a gag reel! All three DC Crossover: Elseworlds episodes will also be available only for fans who purchase the Blu-ray set. Supergirl: The Complete Fourth Season is priced to own at $39.99 SRP for the DVD ($51.99 in Canada) and $44.98 SRP for the Blu-ray ($52.99 in Canada), which includes a Digital Copy (Available in the U.S.). Supergirl: The Complete Fourth Season is also available to own on Digital via purchase from digital retailers. Continue reading

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Equipment: Playmobil Ghostbusters II Ecto-1A

Approximately 2 years ago Playmobil began to produce Ghostbusters toys and what they are doing is amazing. Their playsets are not just well made but they encouraged hours of play, feeding the imaginations of a new generation of ghostbusters. Continue reading

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Equipment: A SDCC Exclusive Mirror Universe Dagger Letter Opener from Icon Heroes

There is something about the Mirror Universe that is, for lack of a better word, fascinating. Star Trek has visited the Mirror Universe in all but 2 of their series’ Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: The Next Generation. It wasn’t until Star Trek: Discovery that so much time was spent with the Empire. One of the first things you notice when you cross over is the uniforms. The uniforms of the Terran Empire are a bit different have an accessory that isn’t part of the Federation’s uniform; a dagger. Continue reading

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