Equipment: Diamond Select Alien 35th Anniversary Minimate Set

Remember back in 1979 when you convinced an older relative to taDSCN0063ke you to see Alien? You sat there both a bit scared and completely enthralled by what was on screen and when it ended all you could think was, “I can’t wait for the toys!” Well 35 years later it finally happened, you have the toys you wanted.


Those toys are courtesy of Diamond Select Toys and their amazing line of Minimates. Diamond Select has done an outstanding job with all of their lines of collectibles but Minimates hold a special place in the hearts of collectors. You see, good things do come in small packages.


The good things this time around are a 4 pack of Minimate figures depicting characters from the 1979 hit, Alien. It is hard to believe it was 35 years ago when we first met the crew of the ill-fated ship, The Nostromo.  Personally, I never gave up hope that there would be toys for this movie.


The first four pack includes Kane, Parker, Ripley and the Alien.  Each character is very important to the story. Kane brings the creature on board, Parker makes one of the final stands with Ripley; Ripley the sole survivor and the heroine of the piece and of course the The xenomorph. These figures are highly detailed for their size (approximately 2 inches tall) which is quite amazing.

This collection comes with a slew of accessories to help you recreate scenes from classic film. Included in this figure collection are:

  • 2 flame throwers
  • 2 pistols (not actually used in the movie but can be seen in production art)
  • A facehugger
  •  an extra head for Kane
  • A chestbuster
  • Jones the cat (not really an accessory more like an important member of the crew)
  • Stands for each of the figures

I am constantly amazed at how Diamond Select packs so much quality into such small figures. The Minimate line is great for collectors of all ages and includes a variety of properties. You can get anything from something family friend like Back to the Future to the ultra-violent Kill Bill.



The Alien 35th anniversary Minimate collection retails for 19.99 and is available now.

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