Equipment: Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Messenger Bag from The Coop Review

Well, it is that time of year when people flock to ponds, lakes, tDSCN1343he pool and the ocean for a day in the sun. We are finally able to break free from our winter hibernation and as we plan to head to our various locales we start a check list of what we need to take along. On that list are sunscreen, towel, beverage, flip flops, a good book and possibly a snack. Now that you have all of your gear together you need something to carry it in; fortunately The Coop has you covered.


In case you are not familiar with The Coop they are a company out of the Pacific Northwest and they are the makers of unique geek chic. The Coop produces licensed merchandise from various properties including Adventure Time, Halo, The Walking Dead and Star Trek. Speaking of Star Trek, we are reviewing the Enterprise Messenger Bag. The bag is technically made for carrying your laptop and other work related stuff but the fact that you are thinking about a Star Trek bag must mean you don’t always color inside the lines.


I think the initial idea was for this bag to be a computer bag but this bag is massive. I am shocked at how much you can fit in this satchel. I know that I have mentioned getting a bag for conventions and this one is the one you can load with all your loot. Did I mention the ample amount of room for all your stuff?


Unlike some of the more subtle geeky bags there is no mistaking that this is a sci-fi loving person carrying this bag. The bag measures 12″ H x 18″ W x 5.5″ D and is designed to look like the saucer section of the U.S.S. Enterprise from the 1960’s television show. I needed to clarify which Enterprise because there have been so many. This silver/gray bag has black accents much like the actual Enterprise. The buckles are colored to replicate the look of the nacelles.


The main section of the bag will easily hold 15 inch laptop, but why limit yourself? There are 3 large main areas of the bag with a large zipper section in the back and a small zippered compartment in the front. The bag also has a carry handle and a large strap with a padded cover with “Star Trek” emblazoned across the cover. The large, wide strap is perfect for securing this large bag.







The Star Trek Messenger bag from The Coop is a perfect addition to you summer plans. Whether you need a large bag for an outing in the park or beach or just something to fill to the max at one of the many conventions; this bag is perfect for you. Fly your geek flag and pick one of these up today from The Coop. These bags are heavy duty (like their namesake) and retail for 79.99.

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