Equipment: Diamond Select Toys at Toy Fair 2016…

Every year I look forward to Toy Fair. Sure, it is NYC in February and the weather is never cooperative (see previous posts on the subject) but Toy Fair is a big deal for me.DSCN3079 These four days are my Super Bowl, my Stanley Cup, my Final Four, my (god just shut up!)….you get where I am going. I am a geek and a toy fan and Toy Fair is like going to Santa’s workshop for me. All four days are jam packed with booth tours and interviews and I still miss out on some booths, which just proves you can’t go everywhere, at least not in four days. There are however some “must stops” I can’t pass by. One of these “must stops” is the Diamond Select booth; Diamond Select never disappoints.


This year one of the highlights were the retro Ghostbusters figures based on the 1980’s movie. Each figure comes with a section to complete the rooftop scene from the final battle with Gozer. When I first saw the display I thought it looked awesome but when I found out that you could recreate the roof scene I decided I needed these figures. Of course the figures are highly detailed and very poseable but it is the little extras that will make your display amazing. The final diorama will look great on your shelf just make sure you have a big shelf.


Diamond Select also showed off some of their Marvel figures including some new ones from both the Select line and Minimates. Diamond Select also introduced 2 new figures to their Mego style line. The figures come with cloth uniforms just like the figures from your childhood collection. First up, was Daredevil who had a red costume, a yellow costume and even a set of street clothes for when you want to dress him up as everyone’s favorite blind lawyer, Matt Murdock. The other 8 inch figure is Deadpool. Just like the Daredevil figure Deadpool comes with 2 different red costumes (so you can’t see him bleed) and a white costume. Deadpool also comes with an arsenal of weapons, 2 extra sets of hands and 2 extra heads.  This is yet another figure that would look good on your desk.


I know that I keep saying that this or that would, “look great on your desk,” but the replica of the William Shakespeare bust from the 1960’s Batman t.v. show really would look great. This 1:1 replica is actually a vinyl bank and has a flip open head. Fans of the series know that the bust of the Bard housed a hidden button which when pressed opened the door to the Batcave. Sadly pressing the button on this bust will not get you to the Batpoles but that won’t stop you from dreaming.


There are tons (a slight exaggeration) of Minimates coming out this year including more in the Back to the Future line, new releases for the Alien franchise including an APC and more Marvel heroes than you will ever need. One of newest lines of Minimates is the Muppets. The Muppet Minimates are great for fans of all ages (as long as the fan is older than 5 because of small parts). Minimates are a fun thing to collect because of their size and low price point. Basically collecting the Minimates proves the whole “good things come in small packages,” very true.


Take a look at the photo gallery to see all the great things Diamond Select has coming out this year. Also keep an eye out here on Geekstronomy for release dates and product reviews.  Enjoy!!!

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