Equipment: Exclusive Captain Kirk and Commander Spock Paperweights Coming from Icon Heroes

Icon Heroes known for producing some great collectibles is kirk-and-spock-frtreleasing a highly limited set of Star Trek paperweights. These paperweights are perfect for the person who said they wanted to be more organized in 2017. These paperweights will help you succeed in your organizational vow.


You may not be able to get away from your work desk long enough to explore new worlds and civilizations … but now you can look like you do, with these exclusive Star Trek Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock Statue Paperweights! Each paperweight stands approximately 7.5 inches tall, is cast in high-quality resin, individually numbered, and expertly painted.  A Certificate of Authenticity is included in each box.

Material: Polystone

Dimension:  Kirk 7.3″ H, Spock 7.5″ H

Approx. Weight: 1.5 lb each

Limited to just 150 sets worldwide!


For more photos and to preorder yours go to the Icon Heroes site!

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