Equipment: Hasbro at Toy Fair 2017 Coverage Part 1…Star Wars Black Series and More

Hasbro has always been one of my more nostalgic DSCN5582stops at Toy Fair. I grew up with playing with G.I. Joes and Star Wars figures so seeing these toys brings back memories of a simpler time. Sure those days are gone but some things never change at least not for me. There is still a possibility of finding me sitting in front of the TV watching cartoons, eating a bowl of sugary cereal and playing with toys, or I would say, last Saturday.


Star Wars is a huge property for Hasbro. Children of all ages want these toys some for collecting and some just for fun. Seriously how can you get joy out of a fully poseable Stormtrooper if you never take him out of the box? Unfortunately Hasbro didn’t have much out for Star Wars, they are probably holding back until convention season (SDCC) and for Force Friday in September. All of the episode VIII product is still hush-hush.


One of my favorite things had to be the Poe Dameron pilot helmet. The helmet is lightweight and has sound-effects that basically only can be heard by the wearer. This 1:1 scale replica isn’t a toy but it is perfect for cosplay or just to use as a display piece. The retail on Poe’s helmet is 79.99. Speaking of cosplay there is also a Nerf deluxe Stormtrooper blaster which is similar to ones used in The Force Awakens that also looked nice. The blaster rifle is going to retail for around 60 bucks.


As a figure collector I was looking forward to seeing what was in store for the Black Series 6 inch line. Up until getting to the Star Wars section at Hasbro I had never seen the Sabine figure in person. All I can say is that the photos on line did not do her justice. The entire 6 inch line is so well done that I can’t stop collecting. Now that they have produced Kanan, Hera and Sabine I am hoping that it is only a matter of time before we get Ezra and Zeb.


Check out the photo gallery and keep an eye on our site for any updates.

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