Vids: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Now Available on DVD and Blu-Ray

The last of the Harry Potter books was released in the FB 2summer of 2007. Fans of the books and subsequent movies wanted to see more of The Boy Who Lived but it seemed his story was over. Ten years later J.K. Rowling has taken fans back to the world of wizards to tell a tale that happened long before young Harry received his owl from Hogwarts.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them takes place in New York City just 3 years before the start of the Great Depression. Fantastic Beasts introduces fans to the American side of wizardry and tells the tale of a young magizoologist who has traveled to New York as part of his journey to release a thunderbird in Arizona, the bird’s natural habitat. Before Newt can complete this task, several of his beasts escape the confines of his magical suitcase making rounding up the fugitives before the world of magic and the world of muggles collide becomes Newt’s new priority.


Personally, I am a fan of both the Harry Potter books and movie series but I have to say I found Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to be the best movie dealing within the realm of wizards. I think I may have enjoyed this film more because the story was free of teen angst and dealings with “the chosen one”. Fantastic Beasts could be described as being more of an adult story but not so mature that younger views get shut out. The tone of the film is a bit darker than the previous wizard movies which is appropriate since the Magical Congress is dealing with a rogue wizard trying to stir up trouble in New York. Amidst everything the Magical Congress is dealing with keeping muggles from finding out that magic does in fact exist.  


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them stars Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything), Colin Farrell (Daredevil), Jon Voight (Ray Donovan), Dan Fogler (The Goldbergs), Katherine Waterston (Steve Jobs) and Alison Sudol(Transparent).


Starting today you can pick up your very own copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download. The list of Special Features include:

·        11 Deleted Scenes

·        Before Harry Potter: A New Era Begins

·        Characters

   Ø  The Magizoologist

   Ø  The Goldstein Sisters

   Ø  The New Salemers

   Ø  The No-Maj Baker

   Ø  The President and the Auror

·        Creatures-

   Ø  Meet the Fantastic Beasts

   Ø  Bowtruckle

   Ø  Demiguise

   Ø  Erumpent

   Ø  Niffler

   Ø  Occamy

   Ø  Thunderbird

·        Design

   Ø  Shaping the World of Fantastic Beasts (360)

   Ø  New York City (360)

   Ø  MACUSA (360)

   Ø  Newt’s Magical Case (360)

   Ø  The Shaw Banquet

   Ø  The Blind Pig (360)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them- the home video options:

Ultra HD Combo Pack SRP: 44.95

3D Blu-Ray Combo Pack SRP: 44.95

Blu-Ray Combo Pack: 35.99

2-D DVD Special Edition: 28.98

Pick up your copy today!

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