Vids: The Complete First Season of Mars from National Geographic is on Sale Now

When John F. Kennedy announced that the United Mars Box ArtStates would be going to the moon in less than a decade I am sure there were those who didn’t think it would happen but in 1969 man took, “One small step…” Eventually it seems that people didn’t find the idea of manned space exploration as exciting as it once was so we never went back to the moon and kept close to Earth. Though we stayed close to home there were dreamers who had set their sights one of our closest neighbor, Mars.


The planet of Mars has long held a fascination. There have been numerous science fiction books and movies about Mars but we have yet to put a person on the surface. There have been rovers sent to Mars on survey missions and slowly we are learning more and more about the “angry, red planet.” The next logical step is to get boots on the ground. The idea of walking on Mars is not just some fantasy by a 40 year old comic book collector who lives in their parent’s basement; it is the dream of some of the smartest people on our planet.


Sadly you can’t just go down to the local Home Depot and get what you need to not just get to Mars but stay there and hopefully return safely. It is a pretty incredible idea, not just the getting there but putting down roots and staying. That is what makes the series Mars on the National Geographic so interesting.


The series took a novel approach to convey a story. Mars tells the story of the first group of humans to travel to Mars and set up a colony. Each episode is a mix of science fiction and science fact with parts being more like a documentary than a drama. Each episode contains interviews with real scientists who endeavor to explain what man needs to survive the harsh Martian terrain; and the dramatization of putting the ideas into use. The story bounces back between 2016 and 2033 showing how the explorers of the future can put these techniques to use.

I really enjoyed the novel approach of weaving science fiction and science fact together. This production does show us just how close we really are landing a manned mission on “The Red Planet.” Getting a team to Mars safely may seem like the most important part of a Mars landing but it is just one of many obstacles that astronauts must overcome. Mars shows us just how the triumphs and tragedy might play out.

This series is well written and is visually stunning. Mars isn’t just entertaining it is also informative. Maybe one day we will have a colony on another planet but until then we can dream.

National Geographic’s Mars retails for $13.99 for the DVD and $29.99 for the Blu-ray and is perfect for the stargazer in your life. Mars has been renewed for a second season and I am eagerly awaiting its return.

Now available on DVD and Blu-Ray you can experience Mars for yourself. The home release gives you approximately 2 hours of bonus material.


Special Features Include:


·        Making MARS

·        BEFORE MARS – A Prequel

·        BEFORE MARS Behind the Scenes

·        Getting to MARS Featurettes

·        Living on MARS Featurettes

·        More MARS Featurettes

·        Behind-the-scenes Featurettes

·        Cast & Crew Interviews

Pick up your copy today from your favorite retailer.

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