Equipment: Funko Keeps the Cute Factor Going. Check out the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Dorbz

Funko seems to want to corner the market on cute. Their Pop figure line is like vinyl crack for collectors. Once they start collecting they can’t seem to stop. Seriously, years from now I can see support groups set up in the basement of churches for this affliction. Some guy in an Avengers t-shirt standing in front of a smoke filled room, “Hi my name is Steve and I am addicted to Pop figures.”  I think part of the appeal is that they are not just cross genre they are also cross generational. There are Pops for movies, TV, sports and video games making it so they are able to reach almost any fandom. Funko has now upped the cute factor with their other line of collectibles called Dorbz.


Similar to their cubed-headed cousins Dorbz are cutesy vinyl figures that bear a slight resemblance to bowling pins. Dorbz are approximately 4 inches high and have a perpetual smile (except Sadness from Inside Out who sports a frown). These happy little figures should appeal to anyone who is into that “cute” factor. Made for children 3 and up Dorbz are the perfect “action” figures for little kids because of the lack of small parts. These figures don’t even have eyes that a child could pick off and swallow. This makes them ideal gift for any member of the family.


Just like Pop figures Dorbz has characters from various genres and properties. Having all these Dorbz to choose from makes it hard to pick which ones to talk about so I decided, “why not just pick something from a summer blockbuster?”. Guardians of the Galaxy was the surprise mega blockbuster of 2014 and the sequel, aptly named Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, didn’t disappoint. A great mixture of comedy, drama and action, Guardians was fun for kids of all ages.


The sequel brought back many popular characters including fan favorite Groot and also introduced new characters such as the empathic Mantis, Quill’s father Ego and a Ravager called Taser Face (start chuckling now). The Dorbz for the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 series are the 3 new characters previously mentioned as well as Rocket Raccoon and young Groot. These seem like the perfect thing to review since the movie just arrived on home video.

You always have to begin somewhere so let’s start with my favorite new character, Mantis. I have to say that Mantis really works as a Dorbz because she is just so adorable on screen that a lovable little figure of her is perfect. I even like her feathered antenna.

This Mantis figure is dressed in her metallic green costume with blue streaks in her hair. She is cute, tiny and aside from being about to turn her head she is completely non-poseable.

The man whose name evokes chuckles, Taserface looks great as a Dorbz. Leader of the mutiny against Yondu, Taserface comes with a rifle strapped to his back (non-removable) and a smile on his face. He really doesn’t seem that menacing in Dorbz form so I don’t think he will try to take over your ship. Unlike Mantis there are no moving parts. He is a bit top heavy with his swelled head heavy braid.

Imagine if you will that you had never met your biological father and when you did he was a planet. I know that sounds far-fetched but it happens more often than you would think. Well, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 it happens to Peter Quill when he finally meets his father. Ego is an ageless being with almost unlimited power. Sadly he also is a bit insane and wants to reform the universe in his image. Thankfully his Dorbz figure doesn’t have these aspirations.


The last figure on our list is everyone’s favorite genetic experiment, Rocket Raccoon. Poor Rocket hides his insecurity behind a wall of sarcasm and boorishness. Rocket seems to be a total genius when it comes to building weapons. He is basically the MacGyver of mayhem. The Dorbz Rocket comes with two guns (non-removable) and a moveable head. I guess you can put him into an “action” pose by turning his head to either the left or the right. The smile on Rocket’s face makes you want to trust him but be careful he may ask to borrow your grandmother’s dentures.


If you are a fan of Pop figures Dorbz would make a great second collection for you to start. Dorbz are small enough to fit on your desk at work and if you start collecting them you may even get on the show Hoarders. Personally I am not a fan of kitschy thing but I can see the appeal in these figures. Dorbz retail for $7.99 and are available almost everywhere including Entertainment Earth (click the link to see what other Dorbz are available). Just remember, ”we are Groot”.

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