Equipment: Previews Exclusive Mezco One: 12 Judge Dredd Figure Review

Although Judge Dredd has been around since 1977 he was not popular in the United States until after the horrible Judge Dredd Sylvester Stallone movie premiered. Though the movie was a steaming pile of excrement it did introduced a whole new audience to the character. Then in 2012 Judge Dredd was brought back to the big screen in an adaptation that was closer to his comic book counterpart.

Since Judge Dredd wasn’t a household name like Superman or Spider-Man there weren’t many toys based on him. Now that the popularity of the character has grown there is a market for toys and collectibles from the post-apocalyptic world of Dredd. One such collectible is the Previews Exclusive Cursed Earth Judge Dredd action figure.

The Previews Exclusive Cursed Earth Judge Dredd is produced my Mezco and is part of their One: 12 line. Mezco’s One: 12 line is incredible. These 6 inch figures boast remarkable poseability as well as looking impressive. The figures in this line retail for approximately $50-$80 which makes them accessible for the casual collector. Not everyone can afford to pay hundreds of dollars for an action figure. Frankly, I would be apprehensive about playing with a toy that cost hundreds which makes the One:12 line even more appealing.

The Previews Exclusive Cursed Earth Judge Dredd retails for $69.99 and is worth every penny. Looking like he is ready to take on the radioactive wasteland, Judge Dredd is dressed in a comic accurate costume with removable poncho. The poncho has a Velcro closure and a decal of Dredd’s badge. The neck of the poncho includes a wire which makes it poseable to either cover Dredd’s face or under his chin. As for the costume, it is straight out of the 1980’s. The colors of the uniform are so vibrant he looks like he just stepped out of a comic book. The blue jumpsuit is actually a bit sparkly.

One of the unique features of the figure is how the badge and epilates are attached. Unlike other figures where these parts would be snap on additions Dredd’s signature badge and epilates are attached with magnets. The magnets are strong enough to keep the parts attached but they can be very simply removed.

As previously mentioned this figure has insane poseability. Personally, I feel that playability is impacted by the number of articulation points. There is so much more you can do with a figure that is super poseable. The points of articulation points are:

• Head
• Chest
• Shoulders
• Elbows
• Wrists
• Waist
• Hips
• Knees (double)
• Ankles
• Feet

The Judge Dredd figure has approximately 28 points of articulation. Also included are 2 extra sets of hands.

Judge Dredd also comes with a plethora of accessories. Everything a street Judge needs to enforce the Law. Included with this figure:

• Lawgiver with removable magazine
• Extra Magazine for the Lawgiver
• Rifle with removable magazine
• Baton
• Grenades (2)
• Knife
• Poncho
• Handcuffs (functional)
• Stand (with attachment for achieving dynamic poses)

Overall this figure is near perfect. Even if you aren’t a huge Judge Dredd fan this would still be a great addition to your action figure collection. There were only two things I thought were issues. First was the fact that the magazine for the rifle would not stay attached. After some fiddling with it I managed to keep it attached. The other issue was the belt loop for the baton. The ring was just a bit small for the baton but I was able to achieve a workaround. My suggestion to you is to take the baton’s skinnier end and enter the ring from the bottom. Gently twisting the baton you will be able to get most of the baton in and fairly snug. To remove again gently twist in the opposite direction.

I am sure that there are those out there that want to see Dredd’s face but the helmet is not removable. I had to try because I was curious but I refused to force the issue. The Previews Exclusive Cursed Earth Judge Dredd may carry with it a hefty price tag but it is worth every penny. Though the figure isn’t perfect it would be a perfect addition to your action figure collection.

Bottom line is:
Figure 9/10
Appearance 10/10
Playability 9/10
Accessories 9/10

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