Equipment: McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Negan Merciless Edition 10-Inch Figure

When Negan and the Saviors arrived on The Walking Dead everything changed. Negan was the most sadistic and vile of all of the villains that Rick and company had ever encountered. Negan and his brutal group took whatever they wanted from whomever they came across and that included taking innocent lives. Fans seem to love Negan though. He is, to use the cliché phrase, the one you love to hate. Regardless of whether you love him or completely despise him you have to admit that Jeffery Dean Morgan gives an excellent performance. So now, thanks to McFarlane Toys the fans of Negan can now take him home for their very own.

McFarlane Toys has always produced quality figures and this new Negan figure is incredible with an uncanny representation of Jeffery Dean Morgan’s version of the villainous Negan. His likeness was replicated by taking 3-D scans of the actor. This technique produced a spot on reproduction of Jeffery Dean Morgan. I think he looks amazing. Standing 10 inches tall this Negan figure is from the “Merciless Edition.” Though, in my opinion, Negan is more of a statue than a deluxe figure because of his level of poseability.

Granted, he does have limited mobility to help you create more dynamic poses. These points of articulation are:

• Head
• Shoulders
• Wrists
• Waist
• Calves

I don’t want to argue semantics and regardless of the classification, this collectible this is a must have for The Walking Dead fan in your life.

Clad in his iconic outfit, Negan appears as he did in Season 7. This look also pays homage to the cover of The Walking Dead comic book issue 200. Included with this figure are a stand and Negan’s weapon of choice, Lucille. Even Lucille is highly detailed from her barbed wire wrap to the blood stains. In order to place Lucille in Negan’s hand the knob can be removed and the bat inserted into his closed fist.

This figure is remarkable and would look great on a shelf. I give this release top marks for looks because of the uncanny resemblance to Jeffery Dean Morgan. I consider this Negan figure to be a statue since the poseability and playability are not quite what most people look for in an action figure. For me, the emphasis for action figures should be the ability for action.

The Negan figure from McFarlane Toys is recommended for collectors 12+ and retails for $34.99. You can find your very own Negan wherever collectibles are sold including the McFarlane website and Entertainment Earth. This figure is set to be released in April 2018.

Do yourself a favor and check out what else is coming from McFarlane Toys this year by visiting their website and signing up for their newsletter.

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