Transmissions: Trek Nation

Trek Nation is the newest documentary about Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry. Hosted by Gene’s son Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry Trek Nation is a son’s journey for his father through the eyes of friends, fans and family. Even though Rod grew up in the same household as his father he did not fully comprehend just what Star Trek meant to the world.

Trek Nation is filled with interviews with some of Gene’s closest friends and colleagues as well some never before seen behind the scenes footage. One interview that came as a surprise was the interview with Star Wars creator, George Lucas. Lucas admitted to going to a couple of Star Trek conventions before Star Wars became big. Lucas spoke with great admiration for Gene and stated that Star Trek was more intellectual than the action oriented Star Wars franchise. He deftly avoided the age old debate of which is “better” Star Trek or Star Wars.

Rod was on the set of Enterprise during the final days of the show and interviewed Scott Bakula, who played Captain Jonathan Archer. Though fans actively campaigned to save the show, Enterprise went off the air after only 4 seasons. Bakula said during his interview, “Star Trek isn’t dead. We are just off the air.” Star Trek had been off the air before with the original cancelled in 1969. There wasn’t another television incarnation until the late 1980’s. Star Trek spawned 11 movies and 4 television series and has fans all over the world.

Trek Nation offers up just a few previously unknown tidbits about the man behind on of the greatest Science Fiction franchises; but despite that it is enjoyable to watch. Rod Roddenberry doesn’t seem to hold back and shows his father through his eyes, including the flaws. I do not think that the fans will be disappointed.

Trek Nation airs tonight at 8pm on Science.

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