Equipment: The Real Ghostbusters Cage Car with Spengler from Playmobil Review with Special Guest Reviewer from The Red Cup Review

When you think action figures Playmobil isn’t the first name that comes to mind. I think before you dismiss Playmobil you really need to check them out. They have picked up some great licenses such as How to Train Your Dragon and Ghostbusters. I can almost guarantee that the majority of people raised in the 1980’s will rank Ghostbusters as one of their favorite movies.

Playmobil has really done an amazing job with the Ghostbusters line including fire station playset, an incredible ECTO-1 and great mini playsets. Now following on the heels of the Ghostbusters II Playmogram 3-D ghost trap Playmobil has released the Real Ghostbusters Cage Car complete with Spengler. This vehicle/playset has a suggested retail $21.99.

The Real Ghostbusters Cage Car specs are as follows:
– The Ghostbuster Spengler based on the cartoon series “The Real Ghostbusters”.
– The Cage Car offers room for one Ghostbusters figure and accessories like the proton pack, the proton wand, the PKE meter, and the ghost trap.
– Up to three discs at a time can be put into the removable Disc Shooter and fired one after another.
– The front ram protection can be folded down and used as a shield.
– With movable protective grille in the back for climbing into or loading the vehicle.

Fortunately for us Grayson from The Red Cup review has given us another stellar review. Watch it below:

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