Equipment: New From Diamond Select Toys the Saber Athena Jaeger from Pacific Rim-Uprising

This year I was looking forward to a movie that isn’t a Marvel movie. Seriously, there are some movies this year that aren’t Avengers’ related. One of them is Pacific Rim: Uprising. Pacific Rim: Uprising is the highly anticipated sequel to the hit Pacific Rim. Another thing I am anticipating are the toys from this giant robot vs. monster epic. And for this we turn to Diamond Select Toys.

The first one we had the pleasure to review is the Saber Athena figure. Standing approximately 8 inches tall with 16 points of articulation this is the coolest Jaeger to date (sorry Gipsy). Since I don’t know anything about the movie (that I can say) I don’t know who pilots this beauty or what significance she has to the story but damn., this is one fine looking bot.

Saber Athena is fully poseable with articulation points at:
• Head
• Chest
• Shoulders
• Elbows
• Wrists (Closed fists and Open Hands included)
• Hips
• Knees
• Ankles

Saber Athena also comes with dual katanas and a long sword.
Diamond Select Toys has really done it again with this great looking figure. She was sculpted by BigShot ToyWorks and she is amazing. The good thing is, Saber Athena is the first figure in the line that also includes Gipsy Avenger and Bracer Phoenix. I have never been disappointed by anything from DST and this is no exception. I do feel the pegs that hold in the hands could be a smidge longer but it is a non-issue. The hands still do what you need them to do and stay attached.

The Pacific Rim: Uprising line from Diamond Select is due out later this year and will retail for around 24.99. Keep an eye out for more reviews of the other figures in this incredible line. Get your Jaeger’s together so you can cancel the apocalypse on a smaller scale.

Pacific Rim: Uprising figures from Diamond Select Toys hit shelves soon. Check out the Diamond Select website for updates on new releases.

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