Equipment: Marvel Legends 12 Inch Deadpool Review

There aren’t many affordable 12 inch figures on the market that are well made and have multiple points of articulation. This is why I am grateful for the Marvel Legends line from Hasbro. The figures in this collection have continually impressed me. So far Hasbro has produced Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Thor just to name a few. We have already reviewed a couple of them and now we are here to review the “Merc with a mouth” Deadpool.

Ever since his first appearance in New Mutants #98 Deadpool has been a very popular character. I think what people like most about him is his irreverent behavior and his tendency to break the fourth wall.

I have to admit, I am a big fan of the Marvel Legends line and expected nothing but quality from the Deadpool figure. It is always dangerous to go into a review with preconceived expectations; it gives you a much better chance to be disappointed. Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed.

The Deadpool figure stands approximately 12 inches tall and has approximately 18 points of articulation. I believe that the ability to pose the figure gives it greater appeal.

Deadpool’s points of articulation are:
· Neck/Head
· Shoulders
· Biceps
· Elbows (Double Joint)
· Wrists (spin and up and down)
· Chest
· Waist
· Hips
· Thighs
· Knees (Double Joint)
· Calf
· Ankles (up and down and left to right)

Since he is mercenary the accessories he comes with are almost all weapons. The arsenal that comes with Deadpool:
• Twin Katanas
• Throwing knives (2)
• Rifle
• Nerf looking blaster
• Pistols (non-removable from holsters)
• Chimichanga (I never thought I would see an action figure that comes with a                          chimichanga as an accessory).

Deadpool also comes with:

• Three sets of hands (one pair attached plus 2 other pair)
• A partially masked head
• A partially masked head in a state of decomposition wearing a propeller beanie. This            head also has a moveable jaw to add to the creepiness.

I am confused about the pistol included for Deadpool; it is obviously a Nerf Diatron, which is noticeably non-lethal. Deadpool could be carrying around a Nerf gun because he just isn’t all there mentally or maybe someone designing the figure just liked the shape of the Diatron and thought it would be cool for Deadpool. Personally, I am leaning toward it being just a Nerf gun. In the context of the character I guess it makes sense.

I do like The Marvel Legends 12 inch Deadpool figure. This one will make a perfect addition to your collection. Marvel Legends Deadpool is available now with a SRP of $59.99 he can be found in stores or online from Entertainment Earth. You should pick yours up before the newest Deadpool movie hits theaters later this month.

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