Equipment: At San Diego Comic Con Hasbro Unveils Newest Toys in the Star Wars Line

Some people wait all year for the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup or even Wimbledon but for geeks it is San Diego Comic Con. The largest Pop Culture gathering in the world, the convention in San Diego is like the holy land for nerds. The importance of this con is simple it is the release of information. San Diego is where new movie trailers are released, stars come to talk about upcoming projects and toy companies reveal what is yet to come. Seriously, you would think that these toy reveals would be at the International Toy Fair in February…you would think that but you would be wrong. I do understand the need to break up the announcements so you don’t give away everything at once.

One of the lines I have been dying to find out was the Star Wars line from Hasbro. When the announcement was made it did not disappoint. Fans learned that Hasbro is coming out with playsets and new figures both 6 inch and the 3 ¾ inch lines. Personally I am just happy they are finally making an Ezra Bridger 6 inch figure.

We will keep you up to date on what is coming out so keep checking back. Until then enjoy the gallery…

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