Equipment: More Star Wars Black Series Reveals from Hasbro This Time from the London Comic Con

There is more Star Wars Black Series news coming out of Europe. Hasbro revealed 2 additional figures for the Black Series line at London’s Comic Con. I do enjoy getting new news everyday but when it comes to the Black Series I get very impatient. That being said… I am a bit excited about the Battle Droid from Star Wars: Episode One. I think they should come out with a “chase figure” that is just a package of Battle Droid parts so you can do a diorama of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan standing over the pile of junk!

The other figure is a perfect release for the collector who missed it the first time around, R2-D2. I say perfect because Luke needs his droid. This little droid always came through when his human friends were in danger so maybe you need to pick of an R2 to watch your back. This version of R2 seems like he needs a nice warm oil bath. I do prefer the “battle damaged look” because it makes R2 more realistic looking (in my opinion).

We will keep you updated with more announcements from Hasbro as we receive them.

Star Wars: The Black Series 6-inch Battle Droid Figure
(HASBRO/Available: Spring 2019)

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection R2D2 Figure
(HASBRO/Available: Summer 2019)

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