Transmissions: The Predator Holiday Special is Here! Witness All of the Blood and Gore that Makes the Holiday Great!

Many of us grew up on the Rankin/Bass stop motion specials. Christmas just would not have been the same without Santa, Rudolph, and of course, the Little Drummer Boy. Now, thanks to 20th Century Fox we have a new special just in time for the holiday. The stop-motion animated Holiday Special tells the tale of THE PREDATOR as he tangles with his most formidable foes yet – Santa and his reindeer. The special aired earlier this evening on Comedy Central during “BoJack Horseman,” so if you missed it you can watch it below.


Aside from this new Holiday Special we can-not forget that The Predator, the latest installment in the Predator series has hit shelves. The hunt has evolved – and so has the explosive action – in the newest chapter of the Predator series, from director Shane Black (Iron Man 3). Now, the most lethal hunters in the universe are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before….and only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and an evolutionary biology professor can prevent the end of the human race.



THE PREDATOR is available now on Digital, 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and DVD.

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