Equipment: A review of the Star Wars Black Series Han Solo (Mimban) Figure from Hasbro

When Solo: A Star Wars Story was released we were introduced to a young Han and another side of the Star Wars universe. We were also introduced to new characters and some characters that were just variations on the original, such as Stormtroopers. One of the new types of troopers we saw was the Mudtrooper. According to, “Formally known as Imperial Swamptroopers, Mudtroopers are part of the Imperial Army which was gradually phased out in favor of Stormtroopers.” The first time we see Han Solo after he enlisted he is a Mudtrooper, fighting in the mud.

Personally when I first saw the Mudtrooper on the screen my initial thought was, “I want that figure.” Hasbro must have heard my wish because now the Star Wars Black Series Han Solo (Mimban) figure was released. This figure is number 78 and is part of the 20th wave of Black Series figures. This wave includes:

• Han Solo (Mimban)
• Dryden Vos
• Padme Amidala
• Battle Droid
• Mace Windu
• Vice Admiral Holdo

The Han Solo (Mimban) figure looks great. Even before I took him out of the box I was impressed. I do need to say that I feel Hasbro does a great job with their Black Series. I am a big fan of Stormtroopers and this figure is an excellent addition to my collection.
There is so much to like about this figure and I am going to start with the obvious, since the helmet and facemask are removable you can either use the figure as Han Solo or leave the helmet on and you have a generic trooper. If you can find enough of them you can form an entire squad of Mudtroopers.

Like the other Black Series figures this Han Solo (Mimban) figure has multiple points of articulation. His points of articulation are:

• Head
• Shoulders
• Chest
• Elbows
• Wrists
• Hips
• Thighs
• Knees (double)
• Ankles
• Feet

He also comes with a removable helmet, facemask, goggles and cloak. The cloak is just molded plastic and is pliable but not free flowing. Han Solo comes equipped with the standard issue E-22 blaster rifle.

I really like this figure. I had hoped that if Hasbro did produce a Mudtrooper they would not disappoint and they didn’t. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that this is a perfect figure, just close to perfection. I really think that this figure would have benefited from double elbow joints. Double elbow joints would have helped with holding weapons as well as giving more options for posing.

The Han Solo (Mimban) stands approximately 6 inches tall and retails for $19.99 (depending on where you purchase one. This figure is safe for kids and collectors over the age of four. I do recommend this figure. May the Force Be with You!

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