Equipment: Mezco One: 12 John Wick Figure from John Wick 2 Set for Pre-Order Beginning on 5/16

Mezco produces some amazing action figures. The highly detailed figures in their One:12 line are sought after by casual and hardcore collectors alike. Some of the pre-orders sell out in minutes and I think this might be the case with Mezco’s newest release, John Wick. This version of the world’s greatest assassin is from John Wick 2.

First and foremost regarding this figure is that it looks remarkably like Keanu Reeves (which is a good thing considering Reeves portrays the character on screen). Secondly this limited edition release comes with enough guns to start a war. Basically the amount of weapons seems about right if you have seen the John Wick films. It isn’t overkill at all.

• Machine Gun with 2 removable magazines and double ammo clip holder
• 12-Gauge Pump action shotgun
• Shotgun
• Two Subcompact Handguns
• One Semi-Automatic Handgun
• Two Handguns with extended barrels
• Knife
• Wristwatch
• Four Grenades

The One: 12 John Wick figure also comes with 2 heads and 10 additional hands as well as four “blast” effects for your guns. Included are 12 stacks of gold coins, a stand and a trunk to store all of your weapons. Last but not least John Wick also comes with a dog.

If you want to get in on the pre-order it begins on 5/16/19 on the Mezco site.

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