Transmissions: Merlin

Merlin returned last week to Syfy for its 4th season. The series, which focuses on young Merlin and Arthur, who is on the road to becoming king of England, is a fan favorite. Last week’s episode entitled, “The Darkest Hour Part 1” finishes up this Friday at 8pm.



In the sneak peek for Friday’s episode we see Arthur speaking with his men and making plans to retreat back to Gaius to treat a dying Merlin, though his men urge him that if he does not get to the Isle of the Blessed then many more with die. Lancelot volunteers to take him alone and Arthur has a discerning look once he mentions he’ll make his was to Camelot through the Valley of the Fallen Kings but reluctantly agrees. Tune in to an all-new episode of Merlin to witness Merlin’s journey back to Camelot and Arthur’s quest to defeat the Dorocha.


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