Vids: American Dad Volume 7

For the first time ever we have a letter from a fish to our readers. So check it out…

Dear Readers,

Klaus here to remind you that I am still suffering the aftermath of an American inferiority complex that has left me perpetually entrapped in this hideous amphibious body with this absurd family… But that’s neither here nor there. I’m penning this letter to tell you about something, something important:

“American Dad” Volume 7 is coming to DVD April 17th!

Although I may have my qualms with the alien, this collection of episodes is truly a pleasure. For starters you will get to admire my sharp wit and swoon over my sexy accent as often as you would like. But perhaps most importantly, “American Dad” Volume Seven brings the most beautiful woman of Langley Falls into your living room, Francine. Oh, Francine.

Anyways, you must take a look at the “American Dad” Volume Seven DVD, because like me, the best things lie under the surface. Of course Volume 7 includes fantastic episodes, loads of extra features and bonus content.

Well my equally cynical friends, I think I have said enough.

auf Wiedersehen for now,


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