Equipment: Star Trek: The Motion Picture Sensor and Insignia Prop Replica Set from Factory Entertainment Review and Unboxing

Factory Entertainment, purveyors of pristine pop culture products, has done it again. Factory Entertainment has produced a pair of pins from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Technically, it is only one pin and a replica of the Ilia probe’s sensor, but I am enjoying the alliteration. This prop replica set commemorates the Enterprise’s first foray onto the big screen.

The Star Trek: The Motion Picture Ilia Sensor and Command Insignia Limited Edition Prop Replica Set is a 1:1 scale reproduction. In the film, after Lieutenant Ilia (Persis Khambatta) is abducted by V’ger she is replaced by a biomechanical doppelganger sent to gather information on the “carbon-based units infesting Enterprise.” The only visible difference between the real Ilea and the probe is the glowing sensor at the base of her throat.


This electronic wearable prop replica can be worn one of two ways. One way is to utilize the clear elastic band to hold the unit in place. The second way is to remove the elastic band and use costume tape or adhesive to secure the unit. As previously mentioned the sensor glowed in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and thanks to the artisans at Factory Entertainment, the prop replica glows as well. Back in 1979 the lighting effect on the sensor was mostly a special effect but since technology has come a long way in the 40 plus years since Star Trek: The Motion Picture which means all of the microelectronics are housed in the unit. The Sensor is powered by one CR1220 battery.

The second prop replica in the set is the Command Insignia. This insignia is only worn on specific uniforms such as Kirk’s (William Shatner) admiral uniform. Other variations of this insignia can be seen throughout the movies with the original crew. This pin is made of metal with a polished gold-plated finish and has a magnetic clasp to hold it securely to your clothing. I prefer the magnetic clasps because you are not poking holes in your uniform, clothes or jacket. I do think that because of the size and weight of the insignia the magnetic backing could be larger with an extra magnet or 2. That is the only negative thing I really have to say about this set.

This highly detailed set was painstakingly reproduced from archival footage and photographs from the 1970’s. The craftspeople who recreated these props did an incredible job. I have been collecting pins for decades and have other versions of the Command Insignia and this one is far superior.

As I stated before both pieces in the Star Trek: The Motion Picture Ilia Sensor and Command Insignia Limited Edition Prop Replica Set are 1:1 scale. The Sensor measures 1 1/8th diameter while the gold Command Insignia measures 2.5 inches long and 2 1/16th  wide. This set is limited to 1701 units and retails for $99.99 USD.

The Star Trek: The Motion Picture Ilia Sensor and Command Insignia Limited Edition Prop Replica Set can be purchased on the Factory Entertainment site or several other sites on line including Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

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