Equipment: Avengers Movie Minimates in Toys R Us Stores and Comic Shops Now from Diamond Select Toys

You’ve seen the movie, now buy the Minimates! For those of you looking to assemble your own team of Earth’s greatest superheroes, Diamond Select’s Minimates mini-figures have everything you need to initiate your own Avengers! Available at Toys “R” Us as well as comic book shops and specialty stores, 2-inch Minimates are available in six packs of two, with new two-packs hitting this week!


Here’s the distribution:

Toys “R” Us and
– Thor and Captain America
– Iron Man and Hulk
– Hawkeye and Black Widow (exclusive)
– Nick Fury and Loki (exclusive)

Comic book shops and specialty stores:
– Thor and Captain America
– Iron Man and Hulk
– Maria Hill and Chitauri Footsoldier (exclusive)
– Chitauri General and Chitauri Footsoldier (exclusive rare variant)

So check out the packaging shots below, stop by your local Toys “R” Us to pick up those exclusive figures, then swing by your local comic book shop on Wednesday to get the rest of the team and their Chitauri foes!

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