E.V.A.:Warehouse 13 Set Visit Photo Gallery

Recently a group of reporters was able to breach the security of one of the most secretive instillations in the world, Warehouse 13. Hidden away in the Badlands of South Dakota, Warehouse 13 contains the most comprehensive collection of dangerous artifacts known to man. Actually we went to Toronto…to the soundstage that is home to the hit Syfy show Warehouse 13.


During the visit our group was able to walk freely amongst the artifact laden shelves and snap photographs. Personally I can say I have never been on a set visit where I was given such freedom to roam. Not only did we have the opportunity to tour the Warehouse, we were able to visit the B&B set and a “Treasure Room” set from an upcoming episode. This trip was amazing. Also, I was able to closely examine two of the coolest props on the show, the Tesla pistol and the Tesla rifle.

The trip also included a Q&A with the Warehouse staff as well as Jack Kenny, the show’s executive producer. There will be full transcript coming up so keep an eye out. We did a get info about Kelly Hu (X-2) joining the cast as the new head of the B&B and an announcement about Polly Walker (Caprica) making a guest appearance.


Check out the photo gallery below:

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