Hard Copy: The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania

Animation has come a long way from the Looney Tunes shorts that played on movie screens decades ago. Cartoon art and animated movies have become more sophisticated, as audiences have come to expect more from a genre that is no longer just for children. Sony Pictures’ newest animated offering, Hotel Transylvania fits the bill as being fun for all ages.


The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania from Titan Books is a great look at the process of how that movie went from concept to screen. Written by Tracey Miller-Zarneke this book contains over 400 images filling 160 pages with character development, story boards and production design. The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania is really an interesting peek into the evolution of the characters from their preliminary concepts to the final designs that made it up to the screen. Achieving the stylized look of Hotel Transylvania was not an overnight process and you can see that progression in these pages.


The movie Hotel Transylvania has a cast of characters that are familiar to everyone; Dracula, the Werewolf, Frankenstein. But what was once scary has now been given a whimsical twist. Since this is a “kids’” movie these monsters are a source of smiles instead of inducing nightmares. This movie gives the audience a look at these famous monsters as everyday “people” which makes them relatable. One of these characters is Wayne the Werewolf and he is a perfect example of seeing a horror icon in a different light. No longer just a mindless beast that hunts during the full moon, we see him as Wayne a father and husband with the same mundane existence as the guy next door.



Tracy Miller-Zarneke does an excellent job giving the reader a behind the scenes look at the process of making an animated feature. The descriptions in the book give the background information on not just main characters but also some of the hotel staff. The Art and Making Hotel Transylvania includes quotes and insights from the filmmakers. This book is an excellent addition to your home library whether you are a fan of movie magic or just a fan of those classic monsters. Be sure to look for Tracy Miller-Zarneke’s other books on animation including The Art of How to Train Your Dragon and The Art of Kung Fu Panda 2.



Do yourself a favor and put The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania on your holiday gift list. You won’t be disappointed. The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania from Titan Books can be found at your local bookseller. The book retails for $34.95 and is a slightly oversized book measuring 11 x 1.1 x 10 inches.



Just remember, the next time you hear something that goes bump in the night it may just be werewolf getting some milk to go with his cookies.

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