Equipment: Mystixx Vampires from Playhut

The popularity of vampires, werewolves and other beasties has IMG_5024risen to almost a frenzied level. Girls and boys of all ages cannot seem to get enough of anything vampire related. Toy companies have taken notice of this trend making fashion dolls to fill the creepy doll niche. Playhut is has introduced their own line of mystical fashion dolls aptly named Mystixx Vampires.

Mystixx Vampires are a whole new approach to this market with dolls that have 2 faces. One face is the “normal” school girl who does whatever it is school girls do these days, but when the school day is over these little charmers become creatures of the night. Mystixx Vampires will give Barbie a run for her money.

The dolls stand 11 inches tall with 5 points of articulation. There are currently 4 dolls in the line, Kalani, Talin, Siva and Azra; each with a different hair color and their own distinct personalities. To accent the duality of each doll they each come with 2 complete outfits. Each of the vampire dolls come with two dresses, two pairs of shoes, two hair pieces and like the Roman God, Janus they have two faces. Included with each doll is the ever important accessory that no fashionista should be without…a hairbrush!

Changing your Mystixx Vampire doll from human to vampire is a very simple process. You can remove the hair, replace the hair with her second color (or one from any other doll in the line) and spin the head around to the desired personality. If you wanted to keep her hair color the same but change into a vampire simply spin the head around. It is actually easier than I am making it sound. You can actually check out a video on the Mystixx Vampire’s website

The dolls are well made as are the clothes that come with them. The vampires are just the tip of the mystical iceberg; Playhut has more figures planned beyond the vampires to include zombies and a line called “Grimm.” Playhut also has fashion outfits planned to round out the collection. With multiple dolls and outfits Mystixx Vampires will give hours of enjoyment.

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