Equipment: Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike

I have to say that I really like the release schedule for Nerf guns. Slowly, tIMG_5615hroughout the year we are treated to new releases and each one is a pleasant surprise. The newest “surprise” is the Zombie Strike Sidestrike.


This single shot blaster is a great addition to your Nerf arsenal.  One thing that makes the Sidestrike stand out is the fact that this blaster comes with its own holster. Though this is not a unique accessory since the Sweet Revenge also comes with a holster but this is the first on the “boys” side of Nerf. The Sidestrike also comes with 6 darts which can be stored in both the blaster and on the holster.


The Sidestrike has good range with shots landing between 40-50 feet but it does feel a bit awkward in an adult hand. This would not be your main weapon in a fight, so it really shouldn’t be an issue if you have larger hands. As for the holster I tried clipping it on my pocket and it didn’t grasp as well as it could; placing it on your belt gets a more secure fit. The good thing about the holster is that it can be used on either the left or right side.


Aside from the small grip on the blaster I did like the Sidestrike. The range as well as the holster make this a must buy. The Zombie Strike Sidestrike retails for $14.99.



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