Equipment: DC Comics Vinyl Cubed…New Superhero Figures Coming from Funko

Right now superheroes are hotter than they ever had been.  You can find60s Batman Vinyl them almost anywhere. Superheroes are in comic books, filling toy shelves and can also be found on both the big screen and the small screen. When I was a kid I never would have guessed that something so geeky also could become so mainstream.  Even the collectible market has blown up with so much superhero related merchandise.


Funko, the company that makes the highly collectible, very cool POP Vinyl line now is introducing the DC Comics Vinyl Cubed line. What makes these figures different, aside from their cube shape, it is the fact the parts are interchangeable between other figures in the Cube line. The DC Comics Vinyl figures are held together by magnets and are easy take apart and reassemble.  The only thing limiting collectors and kids would be a lack of imagination.


The DC Comics Vinyl Cubed line should be hitting shelves in July!


Check out the photos!






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