Vids: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer #2 Breaks the Web Faster than Kim Kardashian’s Ass

I have been a Star Trek fan my entire life. I have phasers galorA new Empire risese and a section in my closet for my Starfleet uniforms but what is it about Star Wars that makes me feel like an 11 year old again? Today the new trailer for Star Wars:  The Force Awakens hit the web and as I watched it I was that awestruck 11 year old looking up at the screen.


The new trailer which they are still calling a teaser trailer showed us a lot more than the last teaser. The last teaser did nothing for me. I have friends and relatives (hey Steve) who thought that I was being jaded because I didn’t like the last teaser. Even when the Millennium Falcon appeared I wasn’t moved but this time J.J. Abrams got me. Maybe it was the voice over by Mark Hamill or maybe it was the music. I’m not sure. All I know is that now I am excited about The Force Awakens. I personally hate Christmas and all I can think on this warm April afternoon is…”how many days until Christmas?”






I am not going to give a breakdown of the trailer; every other site is going to do that. I just wanted to say that this was the trailer that really piqued my interest. Check out the trailer…maybe for the 1000th time and become a kid all over again.

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