Equipment: Exclusive GameStop Wonder Woman “Defender” Statue Paperweight

Superheroes, comic books and video games have always been photo-jul-16-6-44-33-pmthought of as things for boys. Little girls aren’t into these things but fortunately the times are “a changin’” which isn’t a bad thing. When I was growing up it was rare to meet a girl who was into geek culture now not finding a girl who loves being geeky is the rarity.


Speaking of geek girls Icon Heroes is releasing a beautiful Wonder Woman paperweight/statue to brighten up you workspace. The sculpt on this statue is absolutely amazing with Wonder Woman in her classic pose of deflecting bullets with her bracelets. Standing 7.4 inches tall this beautiful piece is perfect for the superhero lover in your life (even if it is just you).


Defend your desk or collection with this exclusive Wonder Woman statue paperweight! Based on the artwork of Wonder Woman Volume 3, Issue 1, the Amazon warrior princess is beautifully sculpted, hand painted and individually numbered. Each statue paperweight includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

This Wonder Woman paperweight is a GameStop exclusive and can be ordered on line or at the store.

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