Equipment: Something Strange in Your Neighborhood…Who You Gonna Call? Playmobil!

It is amazing that it has been 33 years since we IMG_0229were introduced to The Ghostbusters. In 1984 it was the summer of the Ghostbusters. You couldn’t escape Ray Parker Jr. on the radio belting out the theme. Here we are 3 decades later celebrating Ghostbusters Day still asking, “Who you gonna call?” In this case I think if there is anyone you should call it should be Playmobil for their amazing Ghostbusters toy line.

What better way to introduce the line than the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The innocent image that Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) thought of when he was told to “choose” since he thought that Stay Puft couldn’t hurt them…well a giant marshmallow man can do some damage. Stay Puft was the climactic battle at the end of what was once the highest grossing comedy of all time.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man comes with Ray Stantz figure. Stay Puft measures approximately 8 inches and has 4 points of articulation (only arms and hands). Stantz measures approximately 3 inches tall and has 4 points of articulation (waist, shoulders and head) but what Playmobil figures lack in poseability they make up with detail. The highly detailed accessories are amazing. I loved how the Proton Pack needed to be assembled. Good thing it isn’t a real unlicensed nuclear accelerator in your kid’s toybox!!!

I am very impressed at what Playmobil produces both the quality and the detail. Fortunately for fans of Ghostbusters, Playmobil is producing an entire line. They have everything from the Ecto-1 to the Firehouse Playset. I think this line will be on the Christmas lists of kids of all ages.

When we get more information on the line we will let you know. Guaranteed you won’t get slimed by these toys! Check out the Playmobil website.

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