E.V.A.: Dirk Manning Takes Some Time to Chat about What Fans Can Expect from the other Man in Black

Motor City Comic Con is one of the best 20170520_140149comic book/pop culture events in the Midwest. Aside from a massive dealer’s area there are opportunities to meet your favorite artist or favorite actor from the large or small screen. Motor City Comic Con tends to attract some primo talent. Among the great talents you will find the writer/creator of Nightmare World, Dirk Manning.

I can only guess what made Dirk Manning want to write. I am pretty sure that his first thought while still floating in amniotic fluid probably was, “This is relaxing. I know when I get out of here I am going to want a heated indoor pool. I guess I’ll just have to become a famous author so I can pay for it all.” I think that sounds about right.

There is a lot to Dirk Manning and it isn’t all top hats and black clothes. Come to think of it I can’t remember a time that I ever saw Dirk in a color other than black. As I was saying Dirk Manning has layers. He is a karaoke champ, a connoisseur of all things ice cream and he can probably tell you who won the last 10 WrestleMania main events. Layers…

All kidding aside Dirk Manning is highly talented and puts on an entertaining panel. I recommend the panel he does about getting into the comic business. Hour talk is entertaining but if you are interested in getting into the comic biz, Dirk has a book for that. The book is called Write or Wrong and is an in-depth look into the business side of the comic world. Write or Wrong which can be purchased on Amazon or local comic shop along with his other works.  Also check out Dirk’s website and follow him on Facebook.


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