Equipment: Our Visit to the Mezco Toyz Booth at Toy Fair 2018 (Photo Gallery)

The Mezco booth at Toy Fair this year was incredible. Who am I kidding; the Mezco booth is always awesome. Between the Living Dead Dolls and the One: 12 Collection I am like a kid in a candy store. Many of our followers are completely rabid for these figures. Well-made and exceptionally poseable these figures are the whole package. One of the best things about the figures in the One:12 Collection is that the figures cost less than 100 dollars. The lower price tag makes these figures more accessible for the casual collector.

I am glad that our Saturday at Toy Fair started with the Mezco booth (actually mine started at Lego at 7am but I wasn’t awake yet) because Mezco is always a tough act to follow. If Toy Fair is a visit to Santa’s workshop visiting Mezco is like visiting the Batcave. I am sure if we got into the Batcave we wouldn’t have been able to snap photos…Mezco isn’t as strict.

Check out our photo gallery from the Mezco booth:

Photos by: Rob Banks and James Hamilton

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