Equipment: Darth Vader Black Series Centerpiece Statue from Hasbro

Darth Vader has to be one of the most feared villains in fiction and the most identifiable.  Even casual fans know the story of how young Anakin Skywalker was tricked into embracing the dark side and becoming the right hand of the evil Darth Sidious. The first time we saw Vader on screen was when the Tantive IV was captured by the Empire and was boarded by Stormtroopers and Darth Vader.

Hasbro has captured this moment with the Star War  Black Series Centerpiece Darth Vader Statue.  This statue depicts Darth Vader stepping through a bulkhead, Lightsaber in one hand while his other hand is deflecting a blaster bolt that has been obviously sliced through by his lightsaber. Even though the statue is not poseable, the pose of the statue does succeed in the illusion of motion.

The total statue is approximately 11 inches long, 7 inches wide and 9 inches high. The statue is approximately 1/12th scale. I will say that assembling the stand was so much easier than assembling Darth Vader. It does take some effort to disassemble the figure to place the cape attached. FYI…If for some reason you need to break the statue down and place it back in the box there are no issues taking it back apart.

This centerpiece statue takes 2 AAA batteries to power the base’s illuminated areas. The illuminated areas are the door frame that Vader is crossing and the laser blast on the wall. The lighting effects only stay on for about 20 seconds. The lights add so much to an already cool looking statue. One of the other cool features is since the base is 1/12th scale you can use it for other Black Series figures (Not Included).

As much as I liked this statue there are some issues, nothing major, just nitpicking. First off on the official Hasbro site the description states it takes 3 batteries, it only takes 2. The other thing is a concept issue. I keep reading that this was inspired by Episode 4: A New Hope but in that movie Vader did little more than walk onto a ship that had already been pacified. Imperial troops were clearly in charge. Never did he draw his lightsaber while boarding the ship in Episode 4. This statue is more reminiscent of the events in Rogue One. Vader boards the blockade runner and slaughters rebels.

Other than these 2 issues I really like the statue. Darth Vader comes across as a total bad ass with the way he is walking through the doorway. Even if you didn’t know who this was you could tell he is the one to be feared. The Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader Centerpiece Statue can be found on Entertainment Earth with a retail of $49.99.



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