Equipment: Toy Fair Coverage 2019…Our Visit to the Bluefin/Bandai/Tamashii Booth had Everything from Superheroes to Super Robots

Standing like a sentinel guarding the booth was a giant Gundam so without even looking I knew I was in the right place. When I went through the Bluefin/Bandai/Tamashii booth I realized just how much I needed all of these toys and models when I was a kid. Sadly as a kid I would never have been able to afford any of these but now as an adult not only can I afford these toys I can appreciate them on a whole other level. From the Gundam models to the Spike Spiegel action figure I seriously wanted to take it all home with me.

There wasn’t just anime/manga themed toys in this booth there were also Marvel figures and an entire drool worthy section dedicated to Star Wars models. The level of detail on these Star Wars ships made me want to make my own movies, which I probably could using these miniatures. Calling them absolutely incredible is a definite understatement. The Star Wars section also housed models of figures that would give many action figures a run for their money.

Aside from the unbelievable Star Wars line there was also line of models based Transformers. The models do not transform but they make beautiful robots. The level of detail is off the charts. I can truly say that Optimus Prime was a work of art. These aren’t for little kids and it shows in the detail. I have a feeling that this model line is one of those that after you build one, you have to get them all. Basically if you start buying these you will never have money or shelf space again.

Seriously though whatever your fandom there seemed to be something for everyone’s taste. Enjoy our gallery because we enjoyed taking the photos.

Special thanks to the fine folks from Bluefin and their PR firm for the booth tour. Keep an eye on our page for upcoming reviews of some of these fabulous products.

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