Equipment: Well Played Toys Producing Lost in Space Toys Based on the Netflix Series and We Can’t Wait!

Toy Fair is one of those events where there is never enough time to meet with everyone you have to meet with or see everything being released. Even though you make schedules and set up appointments there are always impromptu meetings and chance encounters that cut into what little time you have. One such impromptu meeting was caused by a banner that read, “Booth 4A3. Well Played.” On this banner was also the robot and Will Robinson from the Netflix reboot of Lost in Space. Though there wasn’t a description of what exactly could be found in Booth 4A3 I filed the booth number to the back of my mind before going about my business.

On Sunday I started the day off determined to find this oddly numbered booth. My accomplice and I asked several workers if they knew where this room was and after 3 wild goose chases we were directed to the area that might house this fabled booth. As we made our way to the location I was suddenly hit with a wave of panic. “What if after all of this the company makes coloring books? Or worse, what if they make stickers!?” There were so many possibilities concerning what could be housed in 4A3. Like the search for the legendary El Dorado I was looking for gold and I was afraid I had wasted precious time only to be disappointed. When we finally arrived in the room we were greeted by a life-sized statue of the new Robot from Lost in Space. It appeared we had found our city of gold.

Next to the Robot stood a display case with mock-ups of the packaging for 6-inch figures from Lost in Space. This was exactly what we were hoping to find; our search was not in vain. We soon learned that Well Played was producing not only the figures for Lost in Space but some role playing toys as well. The planned figures would include the main characters from Lost in Space:

• John Robinson
• Maureen Robinson
• Penny Robinson
• Will Robinson
• Don West
• Robot

These figures would have multiple points of articulation (think more Marvel Legends less 1970s Star Wars) as well as snap on parts to transform their jumpsuits to spacesuits.
Upon speaking with the company rep we learned that Well Played would also be producing a replica of the original Lost in Space robot, the B9. They had one on display and it looked great.

The figures are scheduled for release later this year, hopefully hitting the market before Christmas. As we learn more about Well Played and their new Lost in Space line we will share with our readers. In the meantime check out our photos of the packaging as well as some great shots of the Robot.

Thanks to the folks from Well Played for taking the time to speak with us. Check out the Well Played website to see what other goodies they have planned.

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