Equipment: Our Visit to the Playmobil Booth at Toy Fair 2019 Gave us a Glimpse of the Past, Present and Future…from Primitive Vikings to a Mission to Mars

When you hear the name Playmobil you probably think, “Toys for little kids.” Playmobil does make toys for younger children but they are so much more. Even though the target demographic is a younger consumer the level of detail on their toys is impressive. I was surprised that the toothbrush in the Mars habitat even has bristles.

Speaking of the Mars Mission playset, it is incredible. The central habitat alone will inspire countless hours of imaginative play. The habitat isn’t the only amazing part of the Mars Mission line there is also a rocket with gantry and a rover vehicle. Personally, I think this line is the best thing coming out this year but I am biased; I am partial to all things space.
Speaking of upcoming playsets, Playmobil has a line for the newest release in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, How to Train Your Dragon: The Lost World. The dragons from this line look amazing, though I am not sure if I like the Night Fury or the Light Fury better. Playmobil has produced dragons from this franchise before and they have always been impressive.

Another popular line is Ghostbusters. This time around the Ghostbusters figures and vehicles are from the sequel, Ghostbusters II. The Ecto-1 has gotten a make-over and it looks just as it did on screen. The Ghostbusters also get the sequel look with new uniforms. Other releases for the Ghostbusters line are a 4 pack of the team and an oversized Ghostbusters figure. The Ghostbusters are popular not just for kids but for the parents who grew up with them in the 1980’s.

Those are just some of the releases set for 2019. As usual Playmobil has a variety of figures and playsets to appeal to almost everyone so there is bound to be something of interest for you. Hope you enjoyed our gallery and keep checking back for more news about Playmobil including product reviews.

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