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Family Guy continues to endure with its almost offensive brand of humor. I am sure that there are some people who are offended by what they see and hear during any given episode of the long running animated sitcom; but personally I laugh my ass off. To truly appreciate Family Guy you need to watch the uncensored versions. Hearing these familiar characters drop “F”-bombs only adds to the humor (Yes I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old).

The most recent release from Fox is the 9th Season and it just as fresh as the first season. Now you are probably thinking to yourself that Family Guy seems to be on all the time and you do not need to buy the DVD, but you really do need to own this season. Family Guy Volume 9 includes 14 episodes and extras on 3 discs. The comedy is by no means highbrow and can be quite random at times with non-sequitur bits popping up but for some reason it works.

Disc One includes the episodes-
“Business Guy” in which Carter Pewterschmidt has a heart attack and Peter takes over Carter’s company until he recovers. Once Carter comes out of his coma Peter refuses to relinquish control even though he is a failure in big business. It is only Lois’ quick thinking that gets Peter to sign the company back into Carter’s control.
Hugh Laurie guest stars as his television alter-ego Dr. House. There is a great Scooby Doo homage with Lois and Carter being chased by a swamp monster at the office.

“Big Man on Hippocampus” deals with Peter’s amnesia. Peter is injured on the set of Family Feud after getting his ass kicked by Richard Dawson. As Peter tries to figure out who he is Lois leaves with the children not knowing if Peter will ever regain his memory.
“Dial Meg for Murder” has Meg going to prison for harboring an escaped convict. Meg returns from prison no longer the quite misunderstood girl now a dangerous sociopath. It is only when Brian shows Meg the article he wrote about her does she revert to the sweet girl she once was.
“Extra Large Medium” opens with Chris and Stewie lost in the woods. During their ordeal Chris vows to ask out the girl at school he has been pining over. After their rescue, under Stewie’s guidance, Chris asks out his crush; a young lady with Downs Syndrome. In the “B” storyline, Peter claims to be psychic.
Some people may find this episode a bit offensive but McFarlane is an equal opportunity offender. No one is safe.
“Go, Stewie, Go” is a rip-off of the Dustin Hoffman movie Tootsie with Stewie posing as a girl to get a part on his favorite children’s show. Unfortunately for Stewie he falls for his co-star and must come clean during a live broadcast of the show. Meanwhile at the Griffin household Meg has a new boyfriend who is attracted to Lois.

Disc 2 includes the episodes-
“Peter-Assment” has Peter being the object of sexual harassment at the brewery. With his job on the line Peter must figure out a way to give into his boss without compromising his marriage.
“Brian Griffin’s House of Payne” is about Brian’s attempt to have an old script of his produced. When he goes to CBS they love the script which was about a 25 year old single father who is trying to better his life by going back to school while trying to raise a young daughter. Brian’s idea of the perfect actor to play the main character Elijah Wood but once the executives at CBS do some tweaking they change the 1 hour drama into a half hour sitcom. Brian wants to succeed so compromises his principles even given into letting James Woods take the main role in his show.
“April in Quahog” is an April Fool’s joke gone wrong when the local news station announces that the world is coming to an end. Before Peter finds out that the end isn’t near he confesses that he really doesn’t enjoy the children. Peter must find a way to get Chris, Meg and Stewie to forgive him.
“Brian and Stewie” is the 150th episode of Family Guy. This episode has Brian and Stewie trapped in a bank vault over the weekend. This episode has sort of a serious edge to it and is a departure from the formula of the show.
The most disgusting part of the episode is when Brian must eat the contents of Stewie’s diaper (off camera) in order to help Stewie out since there are no more clean diapers. For me this scene was gag inducing. This episode is actually the weakest in the volume.

“Quagmire’s Dad” introduces us to Dan Quagmire a career Navy man with a secret. When Peter and Joe meet Glen’s father for the first time they are struck by just how gay he appears to be acting. It finally comes out that Dan doesn’t see himself as gay but as a woman trapped in a man’s body. Much to Glen’s dismay Dan has a sex change operation.
Brian who has been out of town meets Ida (the former Dan Quagmire) and before he finds out who she really is he has sex with her.
“The Splendid Source” tells the story of where dirty jokes come from. Peter along with Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland (as a guest star) go on a cross country quest to find the origin of a joke that is so funny it makes Peter lose control of his bowels every time he hears the punch line.
The end of this episode has the uncensored joke for all to hear.

Disc 3 includes the episodes-
“And Then There Were Fewer” (Extended Episode) is an Agatha Christie style murder mystery with the entire town being invited to a party at James Woods’ house. The victims keep piling up while Peter and company attempt to find the killer.
“Excellence in Broadcasting” has Brian becoming a fan of Rush Limbaugh which is a complete turnaround from his liberal ways. It is nice to see Rush poking fun at himself.

“Welcome Back, Carter” has Peter blackmailing his father-in-law after catching him having an affair. After Peter lets the news about the affair slip he takes it upon himself to help Carter get back with Babs.

Not every episode in this collection is a gem. Personally I felt that Brian and Stewie, though it had some funny parts, overall was not a good episode. Other episodes that fell short of the mark were April in Quahog and The Splendid Source. The stronger episodes include Business Guy, Extra Large Medium and Brian Griffin’s House of Payne. Brian Griffin’s House of Payne is funny just for James Woods’ portrayal of himself which hopefully is a parody.

The special features included in Volume 9 are:

Disc One: More From Fox — An Episode of The Cleveland Show with Special Introduction from Mike Henry (The Cleveland Show is mediocre but if you are a fan then this is a treat for you).
Deleted Scenes
Disc Two: Commentary on Select Episodes
Brian and Stewie: The Lost Phone Call (Very amusing)
Side-by-Side Animatics on Select Episodes
Deleted Scenes
Disc Three: Deleted Scenes
Who Done It? The Making of “And Then There Were Fewer”

The History of the World — According to Family Guy (This is a funny look at history Family Guy style with historical and biblical clips from various episodes. Seriously it is amazing they get away with so much.)

Family Guy at Comic-Con 2010 (A candid look at some the cast and writers from San Diego Comic Con. Perfect for those of us who couldn’t make it to the West Coast.)
Commentary on Select Episodes

Family Guy Volume 9 is a perfect addition for fans of the show. Having these episodes uncensored is a definite treat. Family Guy Volume 9 is from Fox Home Entertainment and retails for $39.98 and is available now.

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