Star Wars Celebration was in Chicago last month and several vendors were there selling limited edition Star Wars items from Funko Pop figures, Lego, Hasbro Black Series figures and my favorite, Hallmark. The Limited Edition Keepsake ornament that Hallmark was offering was a 2 pack of everyone’s favorite droids, C-3PO and R2-D2. What made these special wasn’t just that they were a Limited Edition, they were also a sculpt was based on Ralph McQuarrie concept art from 1977.

The concept art of C-3PO and R2 was close to what we saw on screen. R2 had arms attached at the base of his head and 3PO resembled the Maschinenmensch from Metropolis. Even in their early stages they were still recognizable as who they were supposed to depict. I really liked that Hallmark used the concept art for this ornament because it is unlike anything else you will have on your tree.

Speaking of having them on your tree, these ultra-cool ornaments could be displayed year-round. The only issue is that the C-3PO figure cannot stand on his own and needs to be suspended by his hanging ring on the top of his head. R2 has no issue being free standing.
Both of these ornaments are a nice size so they will not disappear on your tree. The first figure C-3PO measures approximately 4.5 inches tall 1.25 inches wide. He is definitely on the thin side. The brave little astromech R2-D2 measures approximately 2.5 inches wide (measured at the arms) and stands approximately 2.5 inches tall.

The Ralph McQuarrie C-3PO and R2-D2 keepsake ornament is the 4th concept ornament to be released by Hallmark. This ornament is limited to 3000 pieces worldwide with Hallmark only releasing 600 per day of the convention. This limited edition ornament retailed for $40.00.

Hallmark continues to impress me each year and these ornaments are very impressive. If you can get your hands on one it would make a great addition to your Star Wars collection. Hallmark has several other Star Wars ornaments coming out this year including a Scout Trooper on a Speeder Bike.
Keep an eye out on our site for additional ornament reviews in the upcoming months. May the Force Be with You!

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