Equipment: Daryl Wings Messenger Bag from The Coop the Dead Red Version

The Walking Dead is more than just a show about zombies (walkers), it is a show about surviving. Set against the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse the show is really about the interpersonal relationships of the survivors. When you boil it down to the basics it is just another soap opera. Who is sleeping with whom? Who is the baby’s real father? Who is secretly planning their comeback? So, when you think about it yes, The Walking Dead is a soap opera and you should never miss an episode.

Seriously though, The Walking Dead is about the characters and how they survive. Fans get attached to these characters as if they were real people. Everyone has a favorite and it can be scary because you don’t know who is going to make it in the next episode. One of the characters that the fans just love is Daryl. His character has grown so much since the first season back in 2010. Back then I didn’t like the character at all (sorry Norman) but as the years passed he grew and I warmed up to him. The fans want him around forever. I remember at a Walker Stalker Con I attended there were people wearing shirts that read, “If Daryl dies we riot!” That is a lot of love for one character.

I know that wearing a t-shirt that advertises your resolve loud and proud is one way of demonstrating your love of Daryl, but there are more subtle ways, such as carrying a messenger bag that was inspired by the man himself. The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Wings Messenger Bag from The Coop is a subtle and cool way to fly your geek flag.

Previous colors for this very popular messenger bag were black and fatigue green and the newest addition to the line is in a shade The Coop calls Dead Red Wings. In some of the photos for this bag it shows up very red but that isn’t the case. The color of the bag is more of a subdued red than what shows up in photos. The Daryl Dixon Dead Red Wings Messenger Bag is the same as previous releases but this version is a dusty red color. Almost a dried blood color…this is a messenger bag that sends a message.

This bag measures approximately 18.1 x 2 x 14 inches (these are the measurements from The Coop’s site) and is capable of holding a 15 inch laptop, though it isn’t heavily padded for secure laptop transport. This heavy canvas bag has two small front pockets, two lace-up side pockets for water bottles, two main pockets (one with a small inner pocket). There is plenty of storage space for extra ammo, a blade or two and maybe some rations if you are traveling from The Kingdom to Hilltop because frankly, you need a good bag for that trip.

The Daryl Wings Messenger bag is adorned with the wing design from Daryl’s vest and is a sturdy bag that will stand up to both the apocalypse and whatever day to day trials you have to face. The bag is made of heavy duty cotton canvas with imitation leather trim and accents. The shoulder strap is adjustable and has a padded section for comfort. This officially licensed collectible also has leather-esque patch that says, “The Walking Dead” but it is subtle and barely noticeable. Frankly, I looked at the bag 3 times before I noticed it was even there. Aside from being just a perfect bag for everyday use it would also be great for a Walking Dead cosplay.

The Daryl Wings Messenger Bag is available now at The Coop’s website or wherever fine collectibles (or cool stuff) is sold. This bag retails for 89 bucks from The Coop’s Amazon shop (currently on sale for 51.53). I have to say that I have been a big fan of the products from The Coop and I think this is a great bag. Since convention season is upon us the Daryl Wings Messenger Bag is a great way to celebrate your fandom at whatever convention you plan on attending this or any other year.

When you hit the Coop’s Amazon page check out all of the great products they have to offer from astronauts to The Walking Dead. Speaking of The Walking Dead, The Coop also offers a Rick Grimes themed backpack complete with badge, a Michonne Katana Sling Bag (based on her sword) and a Rick Grimes Sheriff Duffle Bag. We reviewed the last one and believe me it can hold a lot of fire power. The Coop knows pop culture and once you shop with them you will return. Buying a bag from The Coop is like eating potato chips, you can’t have just one. I should know….

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