Equipment: Resistance is Futile…The Borg Action Figure from Diamond Select Toys Makes you Want to Start Your Own Unimatrix

Star Trek has had its share of bad guys over the last 53 years but none have been more frightening than the Borg. The first appearance of the Borg was in the Star Trek: The Next Generation second season episode, “Q Who” in 1989.These cybernetic creatures are the closest to zombies that Star Trek will ever get. Unlike zombies the Borg are hived minded, fed orders by their queen. Their function is to assimilate entire species, adding that species knowledge and technology to the Borg’s vast database.

The Borg were part of 4 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, 11 episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, 1 episode of Star Trek: Enterprise and 1 feature film. I am a huge Star Trek fan and I was surprised by the fact the Borg only appeared in 4 Next Generation episodes. I honestly thought there were more but I was wrong.

The Borg are probably the most deadly thing the Federation has encountered. The Borg have the ability to adapt to phaser frequencies so they can become virtually invulnerable to beam weapons (which is why Picard used a Thompson Sub Machine Gun in First Contact). Yes, the Borg are powerful, frightening and a definite threat to all life.

Now from Diamond Select is a Borg action figure. Made to scale with all prior Star Trek releases this Borg is the ultimate bad guy. Standing approximately 7 inches tall the Borg figure is a formidable foe. According to the packaging the Borg figure has 16 points of articulation. These points are:

• Head
• Shoulders
• Elbows
• Chest
• Wrists
• Hips
• Thighs
• Knee (Double)
• Ankle
• Feet

The Borg figure also comes a plethora of accessories so you can personalize your Borg any way you want. The head that is attached appears to be a Bolian (based on what appears to be a ridge on the face) and the additional head appears to be Klingon. The Borg figure also comes with:
• Eye pieces 4X
• Chest plate
• Pincher arm
• Weapon arm
• Shoulder piece

All of these additional parts means you can purchase multiple Borg figures and create your own Borg army. I think eventually Diamond Select Toys could release another version of the Borg thus expanding the gene pool to make a variety of Borg.

As previously mentioned the Borg are one of the most popular villains and in the Star Trek universe and since the Borg will be playing a major part in the upcoming Picard series airing on CBS All Access I suspect there may be more Borg in our future.

The Star Trek Borg Action Figure by Diamond Select Toy retails for 24.99 and is available wherever quality collectibles are found. If you cannot find it at your local comic shop the Borg is available on the Diamond Select website.

I really like the fact you can customize your Borg. I may have to start my Borg army because let’s face facts, resistance is futile.

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