Equipment: Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Blade Runner Police Spinner…Unboxing Video

The future is finally here. When Ridley Scott made the movie Blade Runner in 1982 he had a vision of the future, a vision that inspired film makers and authors and it was beautiful. The movie was set in November of the year 2019, and now, in November of the year 2019 the future is now. Sadly, we don’t have human replicants, Blade Runners and alas, no flying cars. We do however have Hallmark and their replica of the Spinner police car to hang from our Christmas trees.

I have to say that Hallmark does an amazing job with their Keepsake Ornaments, especially the pop culture ornaments. I am partial to the Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments as well as the superhero ones, but I also enjoy the more obscure additions to the Keepsake collection. Things I never thought would be an ornament actually were produced. I never thought there would be a Cylon from the original Battlestar Galactica or the Nautilus from 20000 Leagues under the Sea but what really shocked me was the Police Spinner vehicle from Blade Runner. Shocked is probably not the correct emotion, it was more like elation.

The Blade Runner Police Spinner Vehicle Ornament is a very detailed replica of the vehicle used in the film. The Spinner measures approximately 2.43″ W x 1.24″ H x 4.14″ D and is made from lightweight plastic. This ornament is perfectly balanced so it will fly straight on your tree. I really can’t give much of a non-biased review of the Blade Runner Police Spinner because Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies but I will do my best.

The sculptors over at Hallmark did an excellent job recreating this iconic vehicle, it looks stunning. One of the best things about this ornament is that you can display it year round because like all current Keepsakes it doesn’t need to be connected to a string of lights. Not having to, “plug in” to enjoy a Hallmark Keepsake ornament is a definite improvement. Sadly one day all of those little batteries will need to be replaced but that day isn’t today! While this ornament is may look great sadly it is far from perfect.

Though I thoroughly love this Keepsake ornament there is one major flaw, the Blade Runner Police Spinner Vehicle has no lights or sounds. I can understand from a business standpoint not wanting to invest more into the design and finished product than they will likely recoup but I don’t need to be happy about the decision.

Despite this one major issue with this ornament I have to say I really like it. The Blade Runner Police Spinner Vehicle Keepsake Ornament is a thing of beauty to behold which is its main purpose, to look good on display whether it is on a tree or a desk or even a bookshelf.


The Blade Runner Police Spinner Vehicle Keepsake Ornament retails for 19.99 and would make a great gift for any science fiction fan. Pick yours up today at the Hallmark Gold Crown Store near you.

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