Equipment: A View from The Coop at Toy Fair 2020

Toy Fair would not be complete without a stop at The Coop. I still remember the first time I stopped at their booth. After just a short chat I knew they were my kind of people. Aside from the wonderful crew behind the scenes, The Coop has an amazing line of products. Each year they add new and unique items to their lineup which is a good thing for everyone. This year I was introduced to the line, Handmade by Robots. These vinyl figures are a unique take on the collectible vinyl figure trend.

The Coop carries licensed merchandise from such popular properties such as Ghostbusters, Destiny, The Walking Dead, Star Trek and NASA. The photo gallery shows just some of the great things that The Coop has to offer. We will have more updates from The Coop throughout the year so keep an eye out. You may also want to visit their site here.

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