Hard Copy: Alien: The Blueprints from Titan Books

I have always been fascinated with spaceships and although I am not the most mechanically inclined I do enjoy looking at the blueprints. I remember when I was a kid my uncle gave me a set of blueprints for the original U.S.S. Enterprise. I looked over those pages so many times the folds began to split. Maybe a nine year old kid geeking out over blueprints is a bit odd but I can still remember how excited I got when I found the bowling alley. Now, as an adult I find my tastes haven’t changed all that much. I am still fascinated with spaceships and I still enjoy blueprints only now instead of Star Trek ships I get to peel back the deck plating for ships from the Alien universe.

Alien: The Blueprints is a recent release from our friends over at Titan Books. Titan has published many behind the scenes and “Making of” books allowing fans to look behind the curtain. This book gives you an in depth look into the ships, almost as if you were living in a future where Weyland-Yutani really exists. I really like that the reader can immerse themselves into the fantasy.

Alien: The Blueprints is broken down into 6 different chapters with each chapter representing one of the movies in the Alien franchise. The book has 22 different sets of blueprints depicting vehicles, ships and locales. There are also 2 fold out pages, one for the U.S.S. Sulaco and one for the USCSS Covenant. Aside from the actual blueprints there are also an ample number of color photographs and concept art from the corresponding films.

I was really impressed with this book and am amazed at just how much detail is contained between the covers. Being able to look at every nook and cranny on these ships enhances the movies for me. I like diving into the settings so I can feel like I am actually partaking in the action. What can I say I have a very vivid imagination. Whether you are a fan of the Alien universe or you just love spaceships this book is incredible.

Alien: The Blueprints was written and illustrated by Graham J. Langridge and is published by Titan Books. This gorgeous 156 page book is quite large, measuring 10.5 x 0.8 x 14.6 inches; you may just have to rearrange your book shelves to make this one fit. Alien: The Blueprints is a perfect addition to the Alien lover’s library. The suggested retail is $44.95 USD and is available wherever you purchase books.

Special thank you to our friends at Titan for the review copy.

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