E.V.A-Syfy Digital Press Tour 2013 Montreal with Being Human and Helix

This year the Syfy Digital Press Tour took us to the beautiful city oBeing Human (13)f Montreal and the sets of the hit show, Being Human and the network’s newest show, Helix. We had a great dinner on Sunday night with casts from Defiance, Haven, Ghost Hunters and Anthony C. Ferrante the director of Sharknado. It was a great night of food and schmoozing. Here is a gallery of photos from the two day event. We do not have much info on Helix since it is top secret. We do have some great set and prop photos although we still are in the dark about what is going on.

The sets for Helix are amazing. The first set of rooms was the executive level with several labs and living quarters. I really liked the way the rooms were set up. They were, for the most part all interconnected. Walking around you could almost believe that you in the Arctic Circle at a research facility. Two the rooms I liked best were the sleeping quarters, which I could have lived in and Dr. Hiroshi Hataki (Hiroyuki Sanada) . Dr. Hataki’s room had the largest window in the facility,  looking out over the frozen landscape. His room seemed so peaceful and elegant and definitely gave insight to Hataki’s personality.

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