Equipment: Hallmark Keepsake Batmobile Ornament

I know it goes without saying that Batman is one of the coolest superheroOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAes around. His coolness has endured for 75 years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing. You may ask yourself what makes him so cool? What makes him so popular with the ladies? The answer is easy: it’s the car, and chicks dig the car. In the last 75 years the Batmobile has had many incarnations and everyone has their favorite. One of the most popular Batmobiles is from Tim Burton’s 1989 film, Batman.


In the 1989 Batman film, Michael Keaton picks up the mantle of the rich orphan turned crime fighter, Batman. The film, directed by Tim Burton, had a very gothic and stylized look which extended to the Bat-vehicles. The Batmobile in this film was equipped with dual machine guns, a grappling hook and bombs. A bit different from earlier incarnations but it was very Tim Burton.


This year, coinciding with Batman’s 75th birthday Hallmark has released an ornament depicting the 1989 version of Batman’s rolling arsenal. This Batmobile was designed by a team that included director Tim Burton and production designer, Anton Furst. Like other versions this sleek ride is a force to be reckoned with. This version of the Batmobile is a perfect follow-up to the 2011 release of the 1966 style Batmobile.


Hallmark’s Batmobile Keepsake Ornament, sculpted by artist Orville Wilson, plays the iconic Danny Elfman theme from the 1989 movie. The level of detail makes it seem more like a high end collectible than a Christmas ornament and that is what makes this ornament so cool. Since it is a car it can sit on your desk or a shelf for year round display.


The Batmobile Keepsake Ornament measures 4.4256″ W x 1.0653″ H x 1.746″ D and comes complete with batteries. This ornament retails for $17.95 which means you don’t have to be Bruce Wayne to afford one. Pick up one today before they are gone.

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