Equipment: Report from Toy Fair…The Mattel Collector’s Event

Not even subzero temperatures could stop the onslaugIMG_0283ht of toys and collector friendly props at the yearly gathering of Toy Fair. With more toys to fill The Fortress of Solitude, the stage was set at an underground bar in the lower west-side of New York City, for the Ultimate Mattel Toy Event. Everything from DC to Marvel, Hot Wheels to Barbie, TMNT and WWE, along with a few surprises; this year’s unveiling was not to be missed!

The biggest and newest reveals were the “Suicide Squad” as part of Mattel’s DC Comics Multiverse line, and “Ghostbusters” both of which will be released to retail, to coincide with their respective movies this summer. Also, the WWE license will be getting an additional line of action figures featuring your favorite Superstars reimagined as Zombies.

The collection everyone is excited about, “DC SuperHero Girls” is a colorful, cartoony action figure line aimed at young girls to release in conjunction with the cartoon of the same name. Boasting a diverse lineup, both 6″ multi posable and 12″ “Barbie style” figurines were a standout among a showing of predominately “male” aimed product. 

Other highlights included; new Monster High Dolls, Kubros (which are an amalgamation of sorts, reminiscent of Lego meets Funko Pop), and the highly anticipated “ThunderCats” from

I can’t wait to get my hands on these fantastic new offerings, specifically MattyCollector’s “ThunderCats.”  You don’t need the Eye of Thundera to see Mattel has given us the perfect reason to visit the “Third Earth” of our youth again!

-Robert DelGardo

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